Safety software tailored to your organisation’s needs

From reporting safety issues, to inspections and compliancy. Use our wide range of modules and configure them to your needs.

With SafetyFirst your employees can:

Be in constant contact with a safety tool

Follow the progress of the reports they made

Report unsafe situations and incidents

Access all available safety documentation and register it​

Stay up to date on relevant news​ and alerts

Use the platform on Android and iOS devices or web​


Be in control of your organization through statistics

  • Reports per business unit, location, project and period
  • Topographic insights through the detailed maps
  • See which safety documents are most read
  • Visitor’s statistiques per module

Create your own safety platform by choosing which modules your organisation will use

Which functionalities do you need for certification on the next rung of the safety ladder? In addition to reporting safety incidents, you can choose from a wide range of modules to compile your own SafetyFirst platform. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the various options.


From unsafe situations to accidents. Choose your own reporting types and have the forms adjusted to your needs.


Manage your own inspection forms. This allows users to perform inspections and link tasks and notifications to them.


Create a toolbox meeting or start-up discussion, register attendees and set up any follow-up actions with assigned tasks.


Create your own toolbox documents, assign them at a personal level or send them out specifically and ask the user(s) to register them.

Work Alone

The Work Alone module alerts the specified contact persons if the lone worker does not respond in time to his own set time slot.


Compile your own LMRA forms and ask users to digitally execute and register an LMRA form so that they can safely start with their work.

Safety manual

Have your own safety manual or other safety book digitised, or use the standard safety manual from VeiligWerk.


Storm coming, new safety rules or other important news? Inform your employees and send a targeted (push) message.


All your safety documents such as Instructions, Learning from Cards, etc. available. Also possible as uploaded PDFs.

As an administrator you’re able to:

  • Monitor the incoming reports
  • Create Safety documents such as Toolboxes
  • Manage projects, locations and business units
  • Create inspection forms and Assign and schedule inspections
  • Compose and push news messages
  • See all the organization’s statistics

Use additional modules to further optimize your safety and compliance processes

Create and manage safety information

Create and manage safety information

Add company policies, safety toolboxes or instructions with ease

User-friendly inspection tool

User-friendly inspection tool

Create, assign and schedule inspections per location, project or business unit

Record and track safety efforts

Record and track safety efforts

Register attendance at safety meetings and record who’s been reading the safety documentation

QR codes for information and registration

QR codes for information and registration

Use QR codes to quickly acces information or to register attendance



All the information you need directly visible in our reporting tool

Rather stick with your own branding?

We provide the applications in your own look and feel, making sure the apps match and contain your own:

Graphics and Colors​

Name, domain and connected apps


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