Easy to use safety management

SafetyFirst is a very accessible health and safety software tool to keep your workplace safe. Manage health and safety, risks and compliance with ease. Digitize all your safety processes today!

QHSE Managers

Structurally improve the safety of your organization

Process Managers

Streamline processes and get rid of paper workflows to save time and money


Have all the information and tools you need immediately available

Create a safe work environment by streamlining your safety processes and connecting your employees

The Safety First platform is a central platform designed for all safely related processes and information in your organization.

Simple and user-friendly

Reporting should be easy and fast. The barrier to report should be as low as possible. Therefore, our app focuses on a user-friendly interface.

Small Investment, Big Effect

From € 250/ month per company, your organisation has an effective tool to structurally improve safety.

Statistics and performance

From the number of reports on a project to the number of times a toolbox has been read, you always have insight into all statistics.

Own branding

Company own design and branding? No problem. We also deliver our product in White-label, so it seamlessly fits your organization’s identity.

All devices

Safety is for everyone. Which is why SafetyFirst is available for all devices, iOS, Android and Web.

Several languages

The SafetyFirst platform is available in Dutch, French, English, Polish, German, Romanian, Hungarian, Slovaks, Turks. Additional languages are available upon request.

How does it work?

SafetyFirst is an application that can be used to digitize processes around safety and quality control. By using SafetyFirst, you replace labour intensive processes and paperwork with easy to use workflows, all on your laptop, tablet and or mobile phone.

  • Reporting safety issues
  • Follow up on safety reports
  • Conducting inspections and creating inspection forms
  • Risk management
  • Legal compliance
  • Online safety instructions and information
  • Communication about safety
  • Increasing the safety of employees who work alone

Our safety software,
tailored to your needs

The platform SafetyFirst can be fully customized to align with your workflows. Together we create a customized and company own safety environment for your workplace.

  • Decide which safety tools you like to add
  • Use your own logo and colours
  • Enrich the documentation with your own content
  • Configure workflows to match your processes

Working together for a safer working environment with SafetyFirst


Time savings


Cost savings


Less incidents

Digitalize your safety processes

Find out how SafetyFirst can transform the safety in your company.

What our clients are saying

SafetyFirst helped us reduce the IFrate from 8 (in 2013) to 3 within 4 years by being a vital part of our ‘Geen Ongevallen!’ program (GO!). We receive, analyze and solve over 2000 (unsafe) situations and near-misses through the platform per year.

The extensive structure of Construction Conglomerate TBI holding requires the platform to work for 17 different companies, each with their own needs and requirements. With the platform SafetyFirst, the TBI companies can share their documents, forms, modules and configurations, but they can also separate important data like reports and users, which makes our platform a great fit for their organisation.

SafetyFirst has developed the following apps:

VeiligWerk app icon
icon Essent app
Strukton 24safe
APK Group BeSafe app
GMB ZonderOngevallen app
Veilig Ahak app
VeiligUnica app
Oosterhof MaxiApp
Arcadis Track to 0 app
VB portal app
MVOsafe app
Heijmans GO! App
TBIveilig app
Dura Vermeer SAVE app
KuijpersVeilig app
SafetyAtMourik app
Swietelsky BSAFE app
VeiligSweco app
Boskalis VeiligWerken app

You are in good company
First is used by more than 100,000 employees in several countries

Dura Vermeer
Van Wijnen
Pre Zero
VB Groep
Strukton Civiel
Van Rennes
Waterbedrijf Groningen
Traffic Service Nederland
C&D Foods
Martens en Van Oord
Donker Groep

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