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Safety software for Construction & Infra

Ensure safety and compliance for your construction company with SafetyFirst's Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) software. With our platform organizations can handle incident reporting, inspections, manage information flows and compliance.

As a construction company, the safety of your employees is one of the core principles of your organization. Ensuring their safety doesn't only increase productivity, it's also essential in ensuring compliance with legal guidelines and being eligible for projects.


However, even ensuring basic compliance is a tough job. Many construction companies do this either by using spreadsheets or maintaining paper-based record systems. This prevents them from taking advantage of their data to reduce risk and improve performance.

Our construction safety software will help you to streamline a wide variety of processes, ensures compliance and will make the data work in your advantage. Our easy to use mobile apps for your employees, combined with our powerful and extensive platform will give you all the tools you need to bring your company's safety, compliance and risk assessment to the next level.


See how prominent Dutch construction company Heijmans did this:

Heijmans GO Heijmans GO
Heijmans Heijmans
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"SafetyFirst helped us to reduce the IF from 8 to 3 within 4 years by being a vital part in our 'Geen Ongevallen' program. We receive, analyze and solve over 2000 (unsafe) situations or accidents through the platform per year."

Jan Heijmans

Jan Heijmans
Program initiator Heijmans GO

Jan Heijmans

Jan Heijmans
Program initiator Heijmans GO

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