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Heijmans Heijmans
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"SafetyFirst helped us to reduce the IF from 8 to 3 within 4 years by being a vital part in our 'Geen Ongevallen' program. We receive, analyze and solve over 2000 (unsafe) situations or accidents through the platform per year."
Jan Heijmand

Jan Heijmans
Program initiator Heijmans GO

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The extensive structure of Construction Conglomerate TBI holding requires the platform to work for 17 different companies, each with their own needs and requirements. With the SafetyFirst platform, the companies can share documents, forms, modules and configurations, but can separate data, reports and users. Making the platform a great fit for their organization.
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Mobile Inspection
Swietelsky Swietelsky
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Swietelsky Rail is specialized in complex and expansive rail & infrastructure projects. With a multitude of projects running at the same time, on constantly moving geographical locations, a well working situation reporting system is essential to ensure the safety of their employees. With SafetyFirst Swietelsky made a giant leap from physical text documents to a robust workflow, making live easier for all their employees.